Scam Tokens Ride The Wave Of Meme Coin Mania

Rip-off cash are using the wave of meme coin mania led by PEPE coin frenzy. PeckShield has detected 24 rip-off meme tokens inside the final 10 that rug pulled their buyers.

Scammers appear to have taken the chance of meme coin mania to create and liquidate their pretend tokens and drain hundreds of thousands of {dollars} of buyers. In keeping with the PeckShieldAlert analysis, there was an enormous spike in meme coin rug pulls within the final 10 days.

These meme cash rug pulled their buyers

PeckShield listed 24 pretend meme tokens, together with BENS, PSYOP, FOG, TINDER, and WorldCoin that had their liquidity eliminated within the final 10 days. These all tokens emerged from the continued meme coin mania as these phrases trended on social media for some motive or one other. SEI token, which was created earlier right this moment, has already had its liquidity eliminated.

PeckShield reported that SEI token scammers initially funded 5.19 $ETH from OKX trade, pumping the token’s worth to lure buyers after which draining the pool.

Bitcoin pizza day launched a slew of faux cash

Faux token’s issuers profited over $200,000 from pizza-related rug pulls on the thirteenth anniversary of Bitcoin Pizza Day. The pizza day is widely known as it’s thought of the primary ever business bitcoin transaction. Round 14 pizza-related meme cash have been issued a day earlier than the Bitcoin Pizza Day and most of them turned out to be scams, as per dextool. PeckShield additional warned to not fall for the newest created token BEREAL.  

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